Friday, October 23, 2009

Degrassi Goes Hollywood

I've been watching Degrassi for about 8 years now. It has definitely made its way into my list of favorite shows; I watch it whenever its on, if I can. When I heard that they were making a movie...AND that Jake Epstein was going to be in it, I was beyond happy. The fact that it was airing before I went back to school so I could actually see it was even more of a plus.

When I first started watching Degrassi, the acting was not too great, but for some reason, I was addicted to it. This movie showed how much progress young actors can make. The increase in talent was so apparent, and the movie itself was so good. I loved that they brought back elusive characters like Craig, and age old grudges like the one between Paige and Manny.

In the movie, Jason Mewes is casting for a movie/musical that he wrote and is looking for a leading lady. Both Paige and Manny end up in the running for the part. Paige is already in Los Angeles and is interning for an extremely stereotypical stuck up celebrity there. When she is chosen for the part, she immediately warps into that girl, becoming a diva and even throwing fits on sets and trying to order everyone around. After seeing this behavior, Jason Mewes calls Manny who, along with Jay, Mia, Derek, and others take a yellow school bus all the way from Canada to LA with many pitfalls along the way.

Manny has been going through a rough time in college since she started dating an acting professor. He was able to warp her thoughts to the point that she believed that she had no talent and would never be able to make anything of herself with out his help and mentoring. This caused her to ruin her audition for Mewes' movie, but also sparked her need to get to Los Angeles and prove that she really was the best actress for the part.

Her trip to Los Angeles was definitely not the easiest one. Along with issues such as the bus breaking down, Manny also was on the road to self discovery. She broke down due to her lack of confidence in her performing abilities, and Jay was there to comfort her. In my opinion, this scene was very realistic and relatable. It was one of the best scenes of acting in the movie. She regained her confidence after performing a song with the Studz at a biker bar while the group took a break from their trip.

Ellie and Marco end up visiting Paige in Los Angeles right when she begins her descent into a full fledged diva. Ellie is immediately put off and finds out that Craig is also living in Los Angeles. She misses Craig and realizes that she still has a crush on him, but convinces Marco that she will not let him do anything to hurt her like he has in the past and goes to hang out with him. After a few days of hanging out, she realizes that he has changed, but her feelings for him are still very strong. When she is about to tell him how she feels, his girlfriend who he is living with comes into the room. Craig had never told Ellie about her, and Ellie is very hurt and ends up leaving, very distressed.

Ellie's father is very sick,and throughout the movie, she tries to escape going to visit him or talk to her mom about him through being with her friends, and later, alcohol. Marco thinks that Ellie drinks too much because of Craig and blames him at a party where they fight. They then realize that Ellie has disappeared and find her drunk and in the ocean, in a lot of trouble. Paige's obsession with being a diva causes her to lose her part in the movie and lose her friends as Ellie cannot stand her, and she ends up slapping Marco and ordering him around during a power trip. She even does the diva number on Manny, but all of them end up resolving everything later; she and Manny actually end up being friends and resolving their deep seated conflict that had run through most of Degrassi's seasons thus far.

I really enjoyed this movie, but I do not think that it would have done well if it were not on television. I loved that they brought Michael Seater in; his character added comedy to the movie, and we also got to see that his talent was multi faceted. I had no idea that he also sang. I also loved that they brought Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes back, and definitely enjoyed Pete Wentz's cameo in the movie as well. The soundtrack is great too, what I love most about it is that the actors in the movie actually have songs on the soundtrack. They have so much talent, and the songs are awesome. Check it out if you want... I defintely recommend it.

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