Saturday, November 21, 2009

Hot Chelle Rae and The Academy is... rock Cuse

So a HUGE thanks to Cara for telling me that Hot Chelle Rae was coming to Cuse, and to Caitlin and Bari for rocking out with me. I obviously need to pay more attention when Syracuse announces bands for its "bandersnatch" series. Last Tuesday, Fazeshift, Hot Chelle Rae, and The Academy Is... came and rocked the Schine Underground at Syracuse University.

Cara had seen Hot Chelle Rae at Big Spring Jam in Alabama earlier this year and kind of got me in to the band, so of course when she told me that they were going to be in Syracuse, I had to go, and cheap tickets//no travel was definitely a plus (sorry honor society, you're soo depleting my funds haha).

Caitlin, Bari, and I met in Schine and went to see the band. We skipped Fazeshift because I had an intense amount of work to do and had to get it done (school really is killing me...this semester is an ocean).

We got down as soon as Fazeshift ended and waited for Hot Chelle Rae to come on...they were just as good as Cara had told me, maybe even better...and I love them even more because they're from Nashvegas...and Nashvegas is pretty awesome...and they complained about how cold it was in Cuse...they're lucky they didn't get the worst of it. Loved their songs, they totally rocked it out and got the crowd into it also. They definitely made me want to go buy their music and listen to them more. I really hope that they come back..somewhere around me, soon (since I live in too many places)

The Academy Is...came on next, but I think something weird happened before it...First off their entrance music was some creepy death march-ish thing? and they definitely played it at least two times through before the band actually came out...I don't think that was supposed to happen. Anyway, they finally came on, got the crowd all fired up and played hard. They were great...I hadn't really listened to much of their music before this concert, but now I'm definitely looking for their music to add to my itunes. They played some old music too, which I also really liked, and then of course their new songs from their new album. Will definitely be seeing them again as well when I can.

After the show, Caitlin and I went over to talk to Hot Chelle Rae. I think they thought we were crazy, but its all good haha. I told them about how Cara had seen them at Big Spring Jam and loved the show. They really liked that and liked that she had gotten me in to them. I asked them if they would take a picture with Caitlin and me..and they did. I look horrible haha..full day of working and classes...yuck, but they were really nice. Loved both of the bands' sets and I would definitely go see them again if they're close to me. I definitely think yall should check them out as well.

Videos can be found at on my Youtube channel, and the rest of my pictures can be seen on my facebook or on my snapfish album.

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