Monday, July 26, 2010

Music Monday

I am excited to say that I am now working for Musiqtone; please check out our site for awesome reviews, videos, footage, and interviews of your favorite bands, and maybe find more bands that you’d like to listen to or hear more of. This week in the Premiere Box, you can watch Bless the Fall’s new video, To Hell and Back, as well as Daughtry’s new video, September. Check out Cady Goves in the Hot Seat (she’s about to tour with Stereo Skyline, The Downtown Fiction, and The Audition). Vote for and watch your favorite music video on The Countdown and check out other videos using the Musiqvision feature. Be sure to follow Musiqtone on Twitter for updates and new giveaways for the summer! Keep on voting for your favorite American Idol in the Music Lounge for August. The Musiqwards voting has just begun! Be sure to vote for your favorite Pop Act, Country Act, and Pop Song. You have 100 votes a day, every day until August 9. If you’re a fan of Sheryl Crow, be sure to check out Alan’s review of her newest album, 100 Miles to Memphis.


NeverShoutNever released a song, Melody


Crash Kings release a video for You Got Me

Hey Monday releases a new song, I Don’t Wanna Dance.

Disco Curtis releases Gravity and Ammunition on iTunes

Atomic Tom released The Moment

2AM Club releases What Did You Think Was Going To Happen

36 Crazy Fists releases Collisions and Castaways

Avenged Sevenfold releases Nightmare

Cruel Hand releases Lock and Key

Ivory Line releases Vessels

Jaill releasse That’s How We Burn

Miniature Tigers release Fortress

The Postelles release the Postelles

Sky Sailing releases An Airplane Carried Me to Bed

Touche Amorela Dispute releases Searching for a Pulse/The Worth of the World

J Roddy Walston and the Business releases J Roddy Walston and the Business

Kimberly Caldwell releases Without Regret

Charlotte releases Medusa Groove

Tony Da Gartorra vs. Gruff Rhys releases The Terror Of Cosmic Loneliness

Dru Hill releases Indrupendence Day

everyBoy releases The Last Lala's

Fat Joe releases Dark Side

Tom Jones releases Praise & Blame

Lachi releases Lachi

Savannah Jo Lack releases Knitting Songs

Menomena releases Mines

Red Wanting Blue releases These Magnificent Miles

RPA & United Nations Of Sound [The Verve's Richard Ashcroft] releases RPA & United Nations Of Sound

The Shimmies releases To All Beloved Enemies


The Gaslight Anthem announced a tour

There For Tomorrow with Ludo, The Graduate, and Tommy and the High Pilots announced a tour

Bullet for My Valentine announced a US Tour

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

CSN Stores $40 Gift Certificate Giveaway **CLOSED**

CSN Stores is pretty much one of the most awesome compilation of stores that I have seen as far as E-Tailing goes. CSN has over 200 stores under their wing with an awesome selection of items and great prices. They also boast an amazing trained service team that is actually knowledgeable; much better in my opinion than the call centers that some E-tailing companies use for customer service. You truly can get almost ANYTHING from CSN stores. Here’s an example: I recently moved into my fist apartment and began to browse their various store website for different things to go in my apartment. An hour later, after looking at several lamps, shelving units, and kitchenware, I ended up finding a pair of sandals that I had to have. I’ll admit, I got a little distracted from what I was doing, but with all different things that they carry, it was kind of impossible for me not to. I also found some clothing and handbags in their Luxe store that I would love to have. CSN is an awesome one stop shopping E-tailing website that is easy to browse and convenient for many different types of purchases.

Jason from CSN has graciously given me the privilege to give away one $40 Gift Certificate to CSN Stores to one of my readers. I will choose the winner through on after the closing of this giveaway on at 11:59 PM CST on August 22-meaning that all entries that are received after that time will not be considered towards the random drawing.

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**Disclosure** I was offered a $40 giftcode to use at my discretion towards any CSN Stores item in exchange for this review. This review is my honest opinion of CSN Stores and its offerings.

Monday, July 19, 2010

Music Monday

5. Little Locked Room-Cool Ethan

Musiqtone is just about to start their summer giveaways on twitter! Be sure to follow Musiqtone for more details on how to win. If you haven’t heard of the band, There for Tomorrow, check out a review of their Chicago show from a few weeks ago and then check the band out. I’ve seen them live before and this review definitely gives you a great preview of their awesome show. Amely, a band who opened for the same tour that There for Tomorrow was on is featured in Musiqtone’s hot seat. Videos for The Maine’s Inside of You and VersaEmerge’s Fixed at Zero, as well as Anberlin’s Impossible can all be found in the Premiere Box in the Music Lounge. Check out and watch other popular music videos and vote on your favorite at The Count


Forget me in Vegas released a new song, “Oh, Hi, Oh” on their Myspace.


Disco Curtis releases a new song on their Myspace.

You Me At Six releases a video for Stay With Me

Boyce Avenue releases an acoustic video for Broken Angel

The Maine releases a video for Inside of You

Sing It Loud releases a video for Here With You

Klaxons releases a video for Echoes

Stereo Skyline releases their new album, Stuck on Repeat

RPA & United Nations of Sound releases a new album, RPA & United Nations of Sound

Bighead Todd & The Monsters release their new album, Rocksteady

Sheryl Crow releases a new album, 100 Miles to Memphis

Department of Eagles releases a new album, Archive 2003-2005

Flore releases Raw

Frazey Ford releases Obadiah

Jimmy Grecco [OURS] releases The Heart

The High Confessions releases Turn Lead into Gold with High Confessions

Honor Bright releases Action! Drama! Suspense!

Lil Joe releases Lil Joe High School Dropout

Lower Dens releases Twin Hand Movement

Rick Ross releases Teflon Don

Sleigh Bells releases Treak

These United States releases What Lasts

Impending Doom releases There Will be Violence

Diskjokke releases En Fin Tid

Mad Caddies release Consensual Selections

KXP releases KXP

For All Those Sleeping release Cross Your Fingers

Mose Giganticus releases Gift Horse

Piebald releases The First 10 Years Volume I

Menomena releases Mines

Ender release This Is Revenge

Rosaline releases The Vitality Theory

Dan Sartain releases Lives


Fearless Records announced the Fearless Friends Tour featuring Mayday Parade, Breathe Carolina, Every Avenue, Artist Vs Poet and Go Radio. A free Fearless Records Summer Sampler 2010, available as a FREE download HERE.

Guided by Voices announced a Fall Tour

Sarah Jaffe announces a Fall Tour

MTV U’s VMA Tour featuring The Ready Set, NeverShoutNever, and 2 AM Club

Mike Posner announces his Up in the Air Tour

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Disco Curtis, Memphis May Fire, Red Car Wire, American Mantra, The Kid Has Heart, and Crown the Empire in Colleyville, TX

A few weeks ago, Disco Curtis announced that they were having a free hometown show at Compass Christian Church in Colleyville, TX. Again, this was a band that I have been dying to see (I know I say that a lot, but aren’t those the show that you go to?) This show was not at all what I had expected. I am going to try to keep this as genre unbiased as possible since I am not a fan of hardcore or post hardcore music at all. Three out of five of the opening bands were some level of hardcore, one was metal, and one was rock/pop. I don’t mind listening to other genres of music, but hardcore is just not my thing; no hate or disrespect-I respect each band’s musical ability and talents (of what they have), but I would just prefer not to listen to it.

The first band to come out was Crown the Empire. They didn’t seem to be much older than I am, if older at all. Normally this wouldn’t make any difference; I have gone to see plenty of bands where most of the band it not all of the band is younger than I am, and super over the top talented. Unfortunately, this was not the case for Crown the Empire. They came off as just a group of guys pretending to be a hardcore band in their garage. They had good beats, but they were not tight or together.

Next was The Kid Has Heart. This band definitely had a little more polish, but lacked some professionalism. This might have been attributed to the type of venue and set up that was being played, but they had done a sound check before their set, but kept having to adjust the monitors and microphones throughout the set. They had a good beat, but seemed to be on the fence about whether they wanted to be a hardcore band or just a pop punk/rock band. They would sing pretty much all of the song and then scream a few words at the end of each song, which threw the whole song off, in my opinion.

For more The Kid Has Heart, check them out on Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, and Youtube.

American Mantra played 3rd, but in my opinion, they were the best of all of the opening bands (based on my dislike of hardcore music; ask some other people and it might be the opposite). I had heard of them before on twitter, and knew that they would be playing Summerfest in a few weeks. I was curious to see what they were all about, so it was cool to see them at this show. They are a progressive rock group that had some metal sounds added in with a whole lot of headbanging. They were very together and their energy got the crowd moving and very pumped up. They put on a great set and I really enjoyed all of their songs.

For more American Mantra, check them out on Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube

Red Car Wire is a band that I have been curious about for a while. I had seen some posts about them on various music media and had listened to a few of their songs on youtube. I had wanted to see them, so I was happy that they were joining this lineup for this show. Unfortunately, I have to admit that I was extremely disappointed in their vocal performance. I am not sure if the lead singer was ill, or if it was the venue or circumstances, but his vocals were not there at all. His back up vocals and band were great though; I loved the songs and the sound, but it got ruined by the vocal situation that was happening with the lead singer. They were very energetic though, and the fans seemed to like their performance. I feel that with improved vocals, the band could be so much better, but again, there might have been circumstances that I am not aware of going on that night.

For more Red Car Wire, check them out on their official website, Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

Memphis May Fire was a band that I would have rather have not experienced. This is a post hardcore band, meaning that their songs consist mostly of throaty screaming and noises and not much singing. As I said before, no disrespect to those who enjoy post hardcore music or play/make post hardcore music, but I cannot bear it for very long. The instrumental sounds of the band were awesome though; they had great tunes, and they really were able to get the crowd going. They had great interaction with the fans and played a great set.

For more Memphis May Fire, check them out on their Myspace, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube.

Had Disco Curtis not come on after this band, we would have left. There was not much more hardcore music that I could take. Disco Curtis came on, literally filling the room with energy. They played a seriously great set including their new single, “Ammunition”, “Surprise Me”, an awesome cover of The Cars “Just What I Needed”, and “Ashley”. They played most of their songs and then came back out for an encore with “Just Dance” (Tanner appeared in a gold body suit and hat a la Lady Gaga) that literally had the floor shaking. All of the bands had everyone jumping, but Disco Curtis’ encore had the whole floor bouncing and a massive dance party on stage during “Ashley” (which I totally should have gone up for; it is my name and all). I’m glad that we did end up staying for Disco Curtis-they made the whole night worth it with their awesome show.

For more Disco Curtis, check them out on their, Myspace, Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.

For more videos from this and other shows, check out my YouTube.

Obviously, my friends and I took some lessons from this experience. No more going to a show without researching exactly who is playing and what times everything is at. This show started at 6:30, but Disco Curtis did not even get on stage until 10 (it seemed like their set was short too, but that might have been because it was the only set that I completely enjoyed). We could have gone to eat during the other bands and gotten there just to see Disco Curtis and had been totally fine based on our music listening preferences. With that said, I think it’s great to listen to other genres of music; you never know what you will end up liking, but since I know that I did not like that music, and neither did my friends, it definitely put a damper on our night.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Music Monday

Enjoy today's Smash Shuffle :)

Musiqtone has a lot of new things up this week. Atreyu, The Summer Set, and Sheryl Crow all released videos last week, which you can watch in the Music Lounge. Check out the Musiqtone Blog for Allstar Weekend’s cover of Lady Antebellum’s Need You Now. A review of the awesome show put on by Tamar Kaprelian and Boyce Avenue can be found in Concert Reviews (yes, I am still kicking myself for missing this show in Dallas). Cady Groves is the You Gotta Know Artist right now; check her out and see what she’s all about. If you have not already, be sure to check out Musiqtone’s new feature, Musiqvision for clips of concerts and other exclusive video of your favorite bands and artists. If you’re into American Idol, be sure to vote for your favorite recent season artist for Musiqtone’s Artist of the Month. Check out all the new hot music videos and vote for your favorite on The Count.


Stereo Skyline released a music video for their song Tongue Tied

The Summer Set released a music video for their song The Boys You Do (Get Back At You)

Disco Curtis released a new song, Ammunition, on their Myspace

The Plain White T’s released a new song, The Rhythm of Love on their Myspace


VersaEmerge releases a video for their song, Fixed at Zero

The Maine releases a new song, Right Girl, on their Myspace

Stereo Skyline releases a new song, A Little More Us, on their Myspace

The Toadies release a new song, City of Hate

The Maine releases their album, Black and White

Autechre releases their album, Move of Ten

Crowded House releases their album, Intriguer

Danger Mouse and Sparkle Horse releases Dark Night of the Soul

Fat Joe releases his album The Dark Side, Vol. 1

Ice Cube releases his album, I Am The West

Korn releases their album, Remember Who You Are

Tony Lucca releases his album, Rendezvous with the Angels

M.I.A. releases her album /\ /\ /\ Y /\

Sting releases his album, Symphonicity

Panda Bear releases their album, TomBoy

Sun Kil Moon releases their album, Admiral Fell Promise

School of Seven Bells releases their album, Disconnect from Desire


The Old 97’s

The Bigger Lights, You Me And Everyone We Know, The Graduate, and Weatherstar “Caffeine and Skinny Jeans Tour” download a tourpack for free here

Friday, July 9, 2010

Dallas gets Warped

Last Saturday, I finally experienced my first Warped Tour. I say finally because most people start going to Warped Tour in highschool (Allison and I spoke to John Gomez of The Summer Set about how it was our first time going. He was surprised and told us that he was 19 and had been going since 2005-early high school for him), and that I am 22 and am just now starting to go. It was funny that he mentioned 2005 because I do remember wanting to go to Warped Tour back then, and after he mentioned who played, I knew that it was something I had thought about, but decided not to because I didn’t fit in. Well, I still do not totally fit in there (you won’t find me in skinny jeans, wearing all black with an asymmetrical haircut and crazy colors in my hate to those who can pull that off, I just can’’s not me), but as far as music tastes goes, Vans Warped Tour brought plenty of bands that I have been dying to see into Dallas for the day. This is the experience of Vans Warped Tour-tons of different people, different bands, different fans, expressing themselves and enjoying bands that they love all together in one place. I cannot say honestly that everyone is friendly, or that some bands do not look down on or make fun of other bands and their fans (I have heard several things about one band and its fans starting fights, throwing things on stage at bands that are playing, and attempting to put down other bands), but for the most part, it’s all about you and the bands you like, regardless of what the others think.

Allison and I got to Superpages Center early and stood in line for a while. Our game plan was to see as many out of the 18 bands that we came for as possible. Our time spent in line made us miss Hey Monday, who went on very early that day. Scheduling conflicts cut out 7 more bands from our gameplan, and we could not see Mayday Parade because the stage area was so small, that we couldn’t fit; they were also running late. Obviously these 7 bands are still on my bands to see list, and I hope that they come back to Dallas soon.

Warped Tour is pretty much a live CD sampler of each band. Each set last for about 4 or 5 songs depending on the band and the scheduling. There are 7 stages including the main stage at every show (California has 8 stages), and over 60 bands playing on them throughout the day. I feel like I read somewhere that in total, 173 bands were playing Warped Tour this year, though not all on the same dates. In addition to the concert sets, some bands will do signings and meet and greets. It is also not uncommon to see some band members walking around the venue (most of them will take pictures with you and talk to you if you ask) and enjoying other bands’ sets while their own band is not playing. The schedule changes every day; the bands do not find out when they are playing until the morning of each show. Because of this, I would definitely suggest making a game plan of which bands you would like to see, and spending a few dollars for the schedule so that you can map out and decide who you can and cannot see. We got lucky with the Dallas show as most of the bands that we wanted to see were playing on two stages which were actually set up on one big stage that was split in half.

As far as Warped Tour survival of the elements goes, we experienced two extremes during our show. Part of the day was super sunny and blazing hot, while the other half brought us a torrential downpour. Be sure to bring cash, you will want water, and you will probably want to grab some food too. Alcohol is available, but passing out at shows because you are drunk or dehydrated really is not that cool, regardless of what the members of your favorite bands do. Moreover, if you pass out, you might miss the bands that you came to see. Sunscreen is also a must; the summer sun is ridiculous and with the exception of some stages being in amphitheaters, the whole event is outside. Be sure to dress in something that will keep you cool and that you don’t mind sweating in (we wore bathing suit tops because we did not want to ruin our bras with sweat or because of the rain; lucky us, we got to experience both). Wear shoes that you will be comfortable in; it’s a lot of standing, walking, moving, and a lot chances for toes in flip flops to get crushed. If it starts to pour, there are some tents with benches that you can take shelter under, but remember, everyone else is thinking the same thing-it will be crowded. Some merch tents and booths will be nice enough to let you stand under them, but some might have to disassemble and won’t let you stay there. Warped Tour is a rain or shine event; they do not call the event off for weather unless it is really dangerous. If there is lightning or power is loss, they will delay sets until things are good to go again.

So Allison and I got to see 11 bands on Saturday: The Summer Set, The Cab, Artist vs. Poet, The Pretty Reckless, Sparks the Rescue, NeverShoutNever, Call the Cops, All American Rejects, We the Kings, You Me at Six, VersaEmerge, and The Rocket Summer. Out of these bands, I had seen Artist vs Poet, We the Kings, and All American Rejects live before. Allison had seen five of them live before this.

I have pretty much been dying to see The Summer Set ever since I started to listen to them a little over a year ago. I love their sound; Brian’s vocals are so unique and are complimented so well by the backup vocals, and their music is just so fun and upbeat. I also love that their drummer is a girl; it is pretty rare to see a female drummer and Jess rocks it so hard that she owns it. The band just seems like such a fun group, and it is clearly natural for them to take that up to the stage and out to the crowd during shows. We missed their first song because the set up of the venue as far as the stage locations confused us, but got there just in time for the last three songs. They did a cover of Taylory Swift’s “You Belong with Me”, then went into “Young” and closed with their new single, “The Boys You Do” which they also recently released a video for, and is totally worth checking out. We ran into Brian, Josh, and John later that day, but did not get to see Jess or Stephen. The guys were really nice; we got pictures with them and got to talk to them for a little bit as well. They are really down to earth, normal, and fun to talk to.

For more The Summer Set, check out their official website , Facebook , Myspace , Tumblr , YouTube Channel , and Twitter

The Cab was our next band to see. I had only started listening to this band a few months ago, so I was not too familiar with their music (okay I know that sounds weird, but point of reference/general fact about me; regardless of how much I like a band, I do not choose songs that I listen to; I rely on the shuffle feature of my iPod or iTunes for music. I don’t skip songs and I don’t choose them, so listening to anything is all randomly chosen for me). Their songs are interesting and fun, but can get deep in a good way. They opened with a great song called “Risky Business” and played “Take My Hand” after that. Next was “That 70’s Song”, a great summer song. Following an introduction about how the next song was all about sex, they ended their set with “Bounce”. Randomly later that day, we ran into Joey; we spoke to him for a bit and got a picture; we tried not to take up a lot of his time because he seemed to be trying to get somewhere. He was very chill and down to earth as well-a very nice guy.

For more The Cab, check out their official website , Facebook , Myspace , LiveJournal , and Twitter

NeverShoutNever’s front man, Christopher gives a very eclectic, almost hippie-like performance to go along with his clever lyrics. His songs are thought provoking and also seem to express what many people are thinking, from subjects as simple as how cute a girl is, to the difficult dilemma of divorce and the meaning of love. His energy overcomes the crowd and gets everyone up, moving, and signing along to his catchy songs. His songs almost remind me of the songs that Backseat Goodbye has put out for their folklike story telling nature, though each is unique. Among some other songs, he played “I Just Laugh” and “What is Love”, which is a song that I very much relate to. He also played an acoustic show later that we did not go see, but the tent was so crowded when we walked by, and from what we could hear, it was awesome. His music is addicting; it’s really hard not to want to listen to more once you’ve started to listen.

For more NeverShoutNever, check out their official website, Facebook , Myspace , Tumblr , YouTube Channel, and Twitter

I saw Artist vs Poet a few months ago in Syracuse when they played with We the Kings, The Maine, Cartel, and Stereo Skyline. That show was awesome, and the band gave an awesome show at Warped Tour also. Dallas was their hometown show, so there was extra energy and excitement from them as they played their set. They played a few songs including “Favorite Fix”, “Car Crash”, and “Adorable”. Lead singer, Tarcy went into the crowd and crowd surfed during some of the songs as he fed off the energy that the crowd was getting from the show. One of them even donned a Texas flag to show love to their home town and state.

For more Artist vs Poet, check out their Facebook , Myspace ,YouTube Channel , and Twitter

I wanted to check out The Pretty Reckless because I was curious to see what Taylor Momsen’s persona was, as she is obviously not preppy Jenny from Gossip Girl. She gave off a slightly humble, slightly strung out vibe that went along with her songs. It was a little too screamy for me, but overall, her music was good. They played “Make Me Wanna Die” and “Zombie” as well as some other songs from their recently released EP. Her voice is pretty good, and she plays the guitar as well; she definitely has talent. Although her music was not my favorite, I really liked that she was set to do her own thing, even though most people are not willing to take her seriously because of her acting roles on television.

For more The Pretty Reckless, check out their official website , Facebook , Myspace , YouTube Channel, and Twitter

Allison had seen Sparks the Rescue before and said that they put on an awesome show. Awesome seriously does not begin to cover it. The band was all over the place, climbing on things, in the crowd, jumping, and full of energy. Lead singer, Alex has amazing microphone skills and slings the mic and the chord all over the place without missing a beat or a word to a song. Someone threw a water bottle at Ben, which they played off, but ended up throwing a can of Monster back into the crowd, which actually almost hit me. No big deal though, there was a lot of can and bottle hurling that day; ducking out of the way worked well for me. They killed their set, playing songs including “Hello Mexico” and “Skeleton”, which Alex gave what Allison and I dubbed the best song intro ever. “This song is about bones, which we love; it is also about boners, which we love because we were all the result of one boner. This song goes out to your dad.” We went to their signing later that day and got to talk to them for a bit and get a group picture. They were awesome to talk to and really down to earth. We ran into them several times through the day; they knew Allison already and kind of recognized me from being with her, so we got to talk more, randomly.

For more Sparks the Rescue, check out their Facebook , Myspace , YouTube Channel, and Twitter

We watched just a little bit of the Rocket Summer’s set. We wanted to see more, but we had not eaten and it was already about 3pm. I really enjoyed what I saw and heard though (“Do You Feel” is so good!); I had been listening to them for a little while, and really liked their songs. They’re great live and have an awesome energy with their fans too; I also read some reviews of their set, which were all really positive, saying that they put on a great set and the fans were really into it.

For more Rocket Summer, check out their official website , Facebook , Myspace , YouTube Channel, and Twitter

I had heard about You Me At Six from seeing tweets from We The Kings when they toured together. I get a lot of my music suggestions from other bands and love to expand my music horizon, so I had to see You Me At Six since they were going to be at the Dallas Warped Tour. The band was super energetic, and the crowd was really getting into their songs. Their set included “Liquid Confidence” and “Save it for the Bedroom”. I really liked that their music is a good mix of heavy and not so heavy sounds; each song having its own identity with in the set.

For more You Me At Six, check out their official website , Facebook , Myspace , YouTube Channel, and Twitter

We caught just a little of VersaEmerge’s set; a band that we decided to check out after hearing great things about them from bands like There for Tomorrow and We the Kings. Sierra is such a powerful lead singer; her voice compliments the heaviness of their music perfectly. They worked the stage and played songs from their newly released album, Fixed at Zero, as well as their self titled EP, VersaEmerge. Their music is slightly on the heavy side of what I listen to, but I really enjoyed what I heard.

For more VersaEmerge, check out their official website , Facebook , Myspace , YouTube Channel , and Twitter

All American Rejects always puts on a crazy show and always draws huge crowds. They played on the main stage, filling the whole area with fans excited to see what lead singer, Tyson Ritter’s antics would be this time. I had seen All American Rejects twice before this, and each show was awesome in it’s own way. The guys always play their hearts out and Tyson always manages to say something crazily out there that has you saying..”ohh Tyson, you would”. I also love how into the songs he gets; you can see it on his face and through the way he acts on stage. Although Dallas was accused of being lame, I can assure you that Allison and I were rocking out in our spots to every song. We missed their first song, but got to see the rest of their set which included “Dirty Little Secret”, “Falling Apart”, “Swing Swing”, and “The Last Song”. The show was full of energy and electric as usual; they always seem to go above and beyond and always seem to love being up there and doing their thing.

For more All American Rejects, check out their official website , Facebook , Myspace , YouTube Channel, and Twitter

The main band that Allison had come to see was Call the Cops. She has seen them live before, and has become friends with them. We hung out with them a lot randomly during the day, and by the time their set rolled around, I was more than ready to see what they had to offer. Allison has never steered me wrong with music suggestions before, and this is just another case of her having beyond awesome taste in music. Call the Cops came out with so much energy, immediately getting full on into their set. Their electro pop/alternative sounds got the small crowd moving and singing along with them. The band played songs from their self titled album, Call The Cops, that just dropped, including “Get Up or Get Down”, “So Over You”, and ‘I Knew It Wasn’t Love”. Their songs are so fun and catchy and have fun beats to dance to; I really loved their set and their music.

For more Call the Cops, check out their Facebook , Myspace , YouTube Channel, and Twitter

After Call the Cops’ set, we realized that We The Kings was still playing. We had both seen We the Kings before and love them, so since they were still on, we went over there to catch the end of their set. Travis is always so random and will tell the most out there stories while introducing songs; so funny and entertaining. Their set included “Heaven Can Wait”, “Check Yes Juliet”, and “We’ll Be a Dream”. They wrote and released this song with Demi Lovato, but since she was not on Warped Tour, they invited Hey Monday’s lead singer, Cassadee up to sing it with them. They sounded awesome; regardless of who is singing it, it is such a great song.

For more We the Kings, check out their official website , Facebook, Myspace , YouTube Channel , and Twitter

For more videos from Warped Tour and other concerts, check out my YouTube Channel

If you like these bands but haven’t seen them live yet, I definitely suggest you get to it; a lot of them will be on tour some time after Warped Tour. If you want to hear more of these bands without going to their own concert, why don’t you go to Warped Tour? There is still a little over a month left, and about $35 gets you in to see as many bands as you can fit into your day.