Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Happy ending to my DVR/DirecTV Madness?

..The service appointment lasted 2 MINUTES...

So I called customer service (BY THE WAY THIS COMPANY IS CALLED MDU COMMUNICATIONS) to ask them what the deal was, the rep on the phone was a sweetheart and felt the same way that I did (that 1st scheduled appointment in a 9-1 block should be around 9 am, 9:15 the latest arrival); while I had her on the phone, the dispatch called (10:08AM) saying that my technician should be there in 15 minutes.

10:30 came along, 10:34, I opened my door to see my technician leisurely strolling down my hall to my door (yes, leisurely). He goes "I tried to put your apartment number in the keypad but it didn't work, i had them buzz me in, are you leaving" A) DUH I don't have a local number soo that won't work B) that's why you have my cell phone number C) No, I was actually coming down to see if you were here so I could let you in since you didn't call me and it had been 15 minutes since dispatch called.

So he walked in, put his box down (i was like omg new box, yes!) so he goes to my box and is like "yeah you've got a busted box" NO SHIT!!!!!!! So he then calls his dispatch and asks if he can give me the box he came with...ends up that they say my box is "customer owned" ITS NOT BECAUSE WHEN I ORIGINALLY STARTED MY SERVICE WITH ATT HOME ENTERTAINMENT THEY SAID THAT I GIVE IT BACK WHEN I MOVE OUT...that I would have to pay $99 for that box...uh hellll no thank you ..

So then I asked him if that was it, then he smart assedly said yes, had me sign his little paper and let himself out..Anthony, you are a shit.

Oh and by the way, if you didn't pay the annual service plan for this company, each service call is 60 something dollars, which I did and they almost said I didn't.

ANYWAY now I'm pissed off, down $50, directv/dvr in one room almost 3 weeks now and oh did I mention pissed?

sidenote beucase it just happened, I got a free Sirius Satellite plan for a few months with my car, their rep just called me and asked me how I was liking my service-I told him (and truthfully) I knew that I was not going to order it so I never used it. he then ASKED ME TO RENEW THE SUBSCRIPTION SO I CAN KEEP USING THE FEATURES THAT I LOVE SO MUCH..and also had no idea how to pronounce my last name...fuckface, it's NOT that hard..and LEARN TO LISTEN you awful customer service rep

SERIOUSLY I work customer service...I'm not dumb and you really suck at your job..so how about people learn to do their jobs correctly, and learn to listen and LEAVE ME ALONE with your stupid special offers when I tell you the first time that I'm not interested. That goes for you too, Free Credit Score.com


Shelley said...

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Lady L said...

don't they relize that they aren't the only company out there you can switch over if you wanted to. they better get it together.

AmberFaith said...

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Boobies said...

Here's what I'm saying...all cable/satellite companies are crap. Let's start a GOOD one and be billionaires?

connan said...

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