Saturday, April 23, 2011

Thunder from Down Under

Thunder from Down Under-wow, talk about being "woo girls". When we were in Vegas, SP, SF, and I went to a Thunder from Down Under show at the Excalibur. Thunder from Down Under is HOT to put it lightly. It's an Australian Male Revue with a lot of audience participation. There's no nudity in the show,but there are extremely hott men; if you're squeamish about sex, don't see this show. If you like having a good time with your girls and love hott men-GO..NOW!

Thunder from Down Under has all of your fantasy men; each routine showcases a common fantasy man (uniform, pirates, the bad boy...) brought to life by a ripped, sexy Australian man with dance skills and a body that will make your jaw drop. Get noticed by them and you might even get a lap dance in the audience or even get pulled up on the stage and become part of their show.

For $20 a person afterwards, you can meet the men and take a picture with them to preserve the sexiness and a fun night with your friends.

In addition to their nightly show in Vegas, they have a traveling show that may be coming to a city near you soon!

For more information, check out Thunder from Down Under

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Lady Estrogen said...

I want me some of that thunder. ;)