Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Spinach and Onion Egg Drop Soup

My mom taught me how to make this simple egg drop soup years ago.  It is the easiest soup you will ever make from scratch.  My mom usually used chicken broth, egg whites, and chives.  Since I didn't have chives, I used onions and added in the rest of a bag of frozen spinach that I had in my freezer.  It's a great low calories soup, and is also a good source of protein and fiber.

Spinach and Onion Egg Drop Soup

To buy:
Eggs (I used 3 egg whites in my soup)
Frozen Spinach ( I probably used a little less than half of a small bag)
1 Small-Medium diced onion
2  cups of water (If you're going to use actual chicken broth, do not use water unless the broth is condensed)
Chicken Broth or Powdered Chicken Consomme...or something that gives your soup some base flavor
Seasoning of your choice, to taste (I used Cayenne Pepper)

To do:

Boil the water with the powdered chicken consomme or boil your chicken broth
"Thread" Egg whites into the boiling water...Okay, so technically you can just dump the egg whites in, but to get it into more thinner strands instead of chunks, this is what I did: Instead of breaking the egg completely in half, I cracked it and then poked a hole in it big enough to get one fork spear in to draw out the whites.  It's kind of time consuming to do with 3 eggs, but it gives you strings instead of chunks.
After you've got your egg whites in, add the frozen spinach, diced onion, and seasoning.
Boil until spinach is no longer frozen, egg whites are white and cooked, and onions are soft.

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