Monday, October 1, 2012

Unbelievably Delicious and Easy Apple Cake [3 Ingredients]

My step mom recommended that I make this apple cake for a Break the Fast meal after Yom Kippur last week. I am usually pretty skeptical about these "3 Ingredient" recipes that float around twitter.  This Apple cake is made of apple slices, a bag of cake mix, and a stick of melted butter.  My first thoughts: dry cake mix+oven=ashley's apartment is on fire.  Even though my step mom had made this before and told me how great it came out, I was still a little skeptical that it actually worked.  I went ahead and made it anyway and decided that if it did not come out well, that I'd just make brownies instead.  Also, it gave me an excuse to buy an apple slicer/corer which I really really wanted (they're AWESOME!! cores the apple and slices it perfectly in one push...who wouldn't want it?).  So anyway, fast forward: nothing caught fire and this was the best apple cake that I had ever tasted in my life.  Somehow, the juice from the apple slices, the butter, and the cake mix combine to make the most amazing apple cake ever. No mixing or anything else needed! 

Literally you just core and slice about 3-5 apples (enough to cover the bottom of a 9x13 baking pan), dump the cake mix in, and melt a stick of butter and pour that on top.  You can put some brown sugar over the top as well, bake at 350* for 35-45 minutes and you're done! Serve with vanilla ice cream if you'd like...this is seriously delicious and addicting. Literally unbelievable.

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