Saturday, December 15, 2012

Panko Crusted Tofu with Whole Wheat Linguine Marinara

I decided to get a little creative with dinner the other night since I didn't have any meat besides lunch meat in the house.  I have tons and tons of tofu though (cue stir fry obsession), but I wasn't feeling stir fry.  I saw something about crisping up tofu for stir fries (which I don't usually do), but thought that it might be try that for a pasta dish.

Panko Crusted Tofu with Whole Wheat Linguine Marinara

To buy:
1 carton of firm tofu (i like Nasoya)-I used just a quarter of the brick for this
2 oz uncooked whole wheat linguini
1 Jar Prego Ligh Smart Spaghetti Sauce (use 1/4 cup)
Panko bread crumbs (use 1/4 cup)
Olive Oil or Non Stick Cooking Spray
optional: Garlic powder, chili powder, hot sauce

To do:
Boil water and prepare linguine as normal.  While preparing pasta, toss tofu, olive oil or non stick cooking spray (4 to 5 sprays will do) with the tofu, panko, and spices if you want them.  Coat a pan with non stick cooking spray and bake the panko coated tofu until crispy.

When pasta is cooked and tofu is crispy, drain pasta, then toss back in the pot with the tofu and pasta sauce.


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