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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Max's Delicatessen and Restaurant

Every time I go to visit my family in Highland Park, without fail, we have at least one meal at Max's. No joke, when I was there over Thanksgiving, I ate there two days in a was almost 3 in a row until we decided to break out of our Max's box.

Truth be told, I am not a huge fan of breakfast or brunch food, but being that I am Jewish, and apparently Jews are obsessed with brunch, I have to deal with it more than I'd like. I like Max's ( and places like Max's) because their variety of breakfast and brunch foods fit into what I will eat for those meals. I love Mediterranean omelettes (or basically a tomato, spinach, olive, mushroom, feta omelette). I don't eat the traditional pancakes, waffles, etc-I just don't have a taste for those at all, so finding places that actually make what I want is awesome. They also have ways to make your meal a little healthier; you can order your omelettes with just egg whites, you can have them make it with PAM spray instead of oil, and you can also order fruit and whole wheat toast as sides to your meal.

I do have to be honest though, in true New York style, Max's is a little overpriced. The food isn't the best food that I've ever had, but it is still great food. Max's is a great place to go for breakfast/brunch/lunch with your family and not worry about being too loud. It does get busy between 10:30 AM and 1PM, so be prepared to wait a little bit. Try to get your whole party there so that you can be seated as soon as possible-because they get so busy, they really don't seat incomplete parties. Check them out here and definitely go visit if you want some good New York style deli in the Chicago area.